Miles has been with CCYL for 3 years now since the age of 5. Miles attends St. Pius X School. Now at the age of 8 years old. Miles is one of the smaller players in the program but the coaches do not make exceptions for him (which he would have it no other way). He comes ready to play and embodies the true meaning that size does not matter.
Per Mile’s parents, the coaches have taught him to turn every weakness into a strength. He has become more assertive and confident in the classroom and on the field. We often see him encouraging other kids who may want to quit.This newfound confidence and assertiveness has definitely helped him in the classroom. Miles is 2 grade levels ahead academically. His teachers state that when other classmates become frustrated, he takes the initiative to show them.
When Miles parents were asked what they like most about Miles participating in CCYL, they responded:
That he is having fun while learning a complex game. It does not appear difficult to him because he is having a great time. It has taught him to face challenges head on and he looks forward to coming out to hang out with all of his new friends that he has made along the way. The Coaches and volunteers have helped him grow into a responsible and determined “lil man in training”. His view on responsibility (action words, etc) is impressive. We love the tough love yet loving approach.
We know that he loves CCYL and looks forward to the clinics and programming throughout the year when at times he may respond to us with one of the many Coach Donnie quotes like, “Never Quit”

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