Nathaniel is 12 years old and has been with CCYL for 1 year now. Nathaniel attends Saint Ignatius Loyola Academy.  Nathaniel played lacrosse before coming to CCYL. Lacrosse is not the only sport that Nathaniel plays. He also plays Football, Runs Cross Country and Wrestling.

What Nathaniel enjoys most about playing Lacrosse with CCYL is the competition of playing against other formidable opponents and making new friendships and connections with the other players.

We asked Nathaniel’s parents how did they hear about CCYL.

We heard about CCYL through a good friend of ours, Mr. Chip Jones (whose son is also a player at CCYL). Chip was sharing the great work that CCYL was doing in the urban community to introduce and educate inner city youth to the sport of Lacrosse.

CCYL has impacted Nathaniel’s life by enforcing the fact of how blessed he is to have the opportunity to play the sport of Lacrosse. In return, he loves being able to give back and teach other players different skills and techniques that he has also learned along the way.

CCYL has impacted his academics in a way that he realizes that if he wants to continue to participate in the sport, he has to maintain his academics. He knows that in our household academics are the first priority. Athletics and extracurricular activities are secondary.

We asked Nathaniel’s parents what they like most about their child participating in CCYL?

“As a parent, I like the fact that CCYL has many workshops, clinics and opportunities available to educate and introduce not only the game of Lacrosse to the players but also a structure to enforce high academic standards. The CCYL coaches and volunteers have impacted Nathaniel’s life by showing him that there are people in life that have a genuine compassion for helping others without placing stipulations or judgement on them because of certain demographics. The added plus is not having a high monetary cost associated with the organization to play the game”.

Nathaniel,  it is an Honor and a Pleasure to have you with us at CCYL